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Business Strategy of Google within Online Advertising Industry

Google has always been one of my most fascinating companies. In my article below, I have analysed the business strategy of Google within the Online Advertising Industry.

Business Strategy of Google in Online Advertising Industry

Custom YouTube URL For Your Channel – Complete Guide

Custom YouTube URL Complete Guide

Learn how to claim a custom YouTube URL for your YouTube Channel in this detailed guide.

Google associating YouTube with Google+ profile and disconnecting it again has made it difficult to fully understand the options for changing name and custom URL for YouTube channels.

Also, YouTube adopting different custom URL structures (as you will see in the later parts) over the past few years can be easily confusing for YouTube creators.

Custom URLs provide an easy to remember and unique YouTube username that can be handy to navigate to your channel or spread the word about it to your audience. Your custom URL for YouTube channel makes it easy to link to your channel and easy for your subscribers to visit your channel.

It’s like having a unique username, similar to a Twitter handle or a Facebook username that makes it easy to connect with other users. Your subscribers can remember the custom YouTube URL and find your channel easily.

In this detailed guide, we will discuss i) why custom URLs are necessary, ii) look at the possible custom URLs structure for YouTube and then iii) guide you to claim the custom URL of your choice for your YouTube channel.

I will also make an effort to clarify the YouTube association with Google+ and how it can affect your channel presence. Feel free to skip to the section of claiming YouTube custom URL directly.

How to Monetize YouTube Videos With AdSense – Detailed Guide

One of the easiest ways to monetize YouTube videos is to enable the monetization option for your YouTube account and link your channel with your Google AdSense Account.

Google AdSense is a Google program that helps publishers make money from their content. As a YouTube creator, you can join the publisher program to start making money from your videos.

Monetize YouTube Videos with Adsense Tutorial

Amazon Affiliate Program – Amazon Associates – Beginner’s Guide

Amazon Affiliate Program Guide

This is a getting started guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program. Follow this tutorial to signup for an Amazon affiliate account and learn how to create Amazon affiliate links.

If you are into affiliate marketing, I am sure you should have heard of Amazon associates. The affiliate program of Amazon, Amazon Associates is, in fact, one of the pioneers of Affiliate marketing. It is one of the most popular and successful programs in the entire affiliate marketing ecosystem.

One of the reasons why Amazon’s affiliate program – Amazon Associates works is that Amazon is a well known and trustworthy brand. The online giant has something for everyone, and it converts really well. Depending on your niche, you can expect to earn significant commissions by referring several Amazon products.

Amazon Associates is really popular among several (affiliate) bloggers. Many bloggers claim to have made a significant amount in commissions from the Amazon Associates program. Darren Rowse of Problogger, for example, claims to have made more than $420,000 in last ten years of his blogging journey with the Amazon affiliate program.

Few other reasons why I think you should get started with the Amazon affiliate program;

  • Easy to enroll: Amazon Associates is for everyone, and it’s really easy to get started (see the three steps walk-through below). You can be up and running in less than five minutes.
  • Simple to Link: Linking to Amazon products is really easy. All you have to do is search for the products in your niche (that you want to recommend) and grab the link.
  • Paid for Complete Orders: You don’t just get paid for the products that you refer to. You will earn commissions for the entire order someone makes within 24 hours period (affiliate window) of landing on Amazon from your link.

Amazon’s affiliate program, however, is criticized lately as being a complete waste of time. Few reasons that I repeatedly hear criticisms for the program include;

  • Low Commissions: The commission rate ranges from only 4-8% depending on the product type and your performance (number of sales).
  • Short Cookie Period: Your referrals need to make a purchase within 24 hours. (Items added to cart within the 24 hour period will still earn you commissions if the purchase is made within 89 days.)

You can take some time to research the program and see if it’s worth your time, but I recommend getting on board and slowly making your way if it fits your blog.

Amazon affiliate program is easy to get started, has wide range of products, and the integration is really simple.

If you decide to go ahead, let me guide you through the process of creating your account and adding links to your content in the tutorial below.

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