How To Install WordPress on HostGator Hosting account in 2017

Planning to start your own Blog?

This 4 step will Guide you How To Install WordPress on HostGator.

Do you know WordPress is the simplest most popular blogging software ever made? Lets get the guidance to install the wordpress on HostGator .

To start with WordPress is very easy, this article going to guide you How To Install WordPress on HostGator hosting account and also illustrated with a screenshot furthermore you are going to understand it in few steps and also in a very simple way.

How to Install WordPress on HostGator hosting account in 1

Below are the Steps you need to follow to install WordPress on HostGator hosting account.

So you have to choose for the best suited plan offer by hostgator and also follow the steps to install the wordpress on your HostGator hosting account.

These are the step by step guide to install WordPress on HostGator hosting account:

While the easiest way to Install WordPress on your hosting account is using QuickInstall.

Since it will make the installation process easy, and within few minutes you will have your WordPress blog installed on your hosting account.

Consequently HostGator offers various ways by which you can install

WordPress on their server which are :

  • Manual or second is
  • Quick Install

first of all we will be using the most noteworthy QuickInstall method on HostGator to install WordPress.

This is one of the easiest ways to get started with WordPress & within 10 minutes your WordPress site will be up. Follow this guide below the suitable picture.

Step 1:

Login to your HostGator web panel. Under services/Software click on QuickInstall.

Hostgator cPanel Quick install1

Step 2:

On the QuickInstall page, you need to select “WordPress’ on the left side.

One click WordPress installation on HostGator2


On the next page, drop-down select the domain on which you want to install WordPress blog.

Hostgator Install WordPress3

You get the two options to install WordPress.

  1. at the root of the directory another is
  2. under the sub domain.

Either you can see the example below:

With HostGator you can add many domains as you want and you can host multiple websites on a single hosting package.

Furthermore click on next & now configure rest of settings as directed below.

  • Please make sure that you do not use “admin” as your username, because this is a security risk.
  • Consequently use your email address or your nickname as your username.

Step 4:

Press the magic button Install WordPress but before that please cross check if you have done everything right.

See the below example how the settings probably look like:

WordPress Installation settings on Hostgator4

By the time almost HostGator Quick Install is setting up your WordPress blog, it maybe try to sell you by offering features like WordPress theme or any such service please skip that offer and wait for few minutes to for the setting up WordPress.

HostGator UPselling WordPress theme5

Please Skip it and save your money and do the same as illustrated in the picture above. It will take few minutes, and your WordPress blog will be installed and you will get an email with your dashboard link, username & password.

Check your email for the same.

Finally you get the screen given below which is especially relevant installation done and also we are done with the process:-

WordPress Installed on HostGator6

Installation is complete here !

In conclusion if you face any issue regarding WordPress installation on HostGator, you can feel free to let us know via comments.

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